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December 10th

Bret, Jemaine and James (co-creator/director) said “we’ve noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it, so in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won’t be returning for a 3rd season. We’re very proud of the two seasons we made and we like the way the show ended. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the show and also everyone who watched it. While the characters Bret and Jemaine will no longer be around, the real Bret and Jemaine will continue to exist.

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356 Responses to “December 10th”

  1. Kaptn

    Por favor make season 3!!!!!!!
    Or a new music album with videos including stories that will lead to a song, sort of like a musical/ sitcom. Get it.

    Also include Dave in your new songs.

    Thank you.

    Mexico loves you!!!!!

  2. Joe Dawg

    No Show but possibly new album maybe??????? You guys rock thanks for the seasons you have gave us

  3. dustin

    you guys can’t stop the show. it is to funny to stop now dont quit while your ahead i enjoy it to much. if you must leave thank you for what you guys have made it was great and im always showing friends your songs on youtube. thanks

  4. Monica

    PLZ COME BACK PLZ PLZ!!! I have family that lives in Westport if that makes a diff….my husband and i luv uz!! :(

  5. Daniel

    Hey Bret, since you guys are done, can I have the prince outfit?

    • Tiffany

      No, he looks so swet in that.. Haha prince charming menswear.. interesting. That little jacket reminds me of a male version of the kind of stuff I wear. Beautiful Jacket, actually I want it. I want it dirty too. mmmmmhhhhhhh you are the most beautiful man in the world, without a doubt in my mind. You are messing things up for me, How can I ever fully give myself to someone when you are so perfect for me. Why!!!! Damn it brett. I blame Tv because it was after the gardens that I saw this face on tv an I thought hmmmm is that him, nah couldnt be.

  6. Daniel


  7. Jamie Graham

    Although I was going to name my child “BretMaine”, I am now so upset that I am going to name him “Murray”. Thanks for dissapointing me guys.

  8. Carlos

    We’re still waiting the third!!!

  9. Carlos

    Forgot to tell, Greetings from Guatemala.

  10. stephanie

    PLEASE make a 3rd season!

  11. stephanie

    ps- come back and visit the US again please. Specifically Missouri, more specifically St. Louis…thanks

  12. I just read that you don’t plan to continue the series into a third season. Even though I’m late to the funeral, this day, once full of hope and anticipation, has become impenetrably overcast by a sunken haze of desperation and longing.
    Equal sign left parenthesis
    In my superior and mightily sound opinion (unquestionably contested and generally suffocated by my wife for reasons detached from reality), Flight of the Conchords was a stage for impeccable character performances, brilliant tongue-in-cheek musical compositions, and inoffensive humor mirroring our odd society. It was better than walking in a warm rain shower oh a hot day, as long as your iPhone doesn’t get wet.
    Bloated comments aside, I’m gonna miss the series. You guys and girls made me laugh the perfect amount. I’m cuckoo for the show, the band, the music, and the music videos and it’s hard to accept the absence of a third season.
    I guess that’s my way of saying thanks, although I’m sure you’d rather I buy a t-shirt. Well I’m broke, so suck an egg.
    I’ll leave you with a few of your own, possibly appropriate, words…
    “We’re vincable.”, “This gang is disbandoned.”, “Depending on the street”

  13. Chris

    PLEASE RETURN! This is one of the most brilliant comedy shows I have ever seen. It amazes me how the funny shows never seem to last. Think about Monty Python and how they only made 39 episodes. There is so much more to tell. Please please PLEASE return for another season!!!

  14. PFC Dale Anothony de Boisblanc

    I really enjoyed what you two have done and i would like to see more of it. But… god has a plan for everyone and i know you need to do what you need to do but keep at it you two are an amazing couple and really put out. Keep it up i know you have to play the game but i really hope and pray about lookin forward to the two of you coming out with some more new stuff . i understand that it takes time …but we all know it will be good. so bring some more in time. keep at it. you 2 kick ass. simpsons aint got shit on you and you two only have 2 seasons look forward to the new shit xoxo

  15. Guys, I need a season 3! I know it’s selfish, to demand so much, but please? The ratings couldn’t have been THAT low, right?!

  16. Matt

    OK I hope you guys know you have ruined my life!!!!!!!

    Naaaah only joking hope you guys make a new album though, I usually listen to Hendrix and Clapton and stuff like that but their is something that makes your songs just awesome.

  17. Chris

    Maybe it’ll wind up like family guy….a great show that was sacked but came back because so many people LOVED it. Or maybe a straight to DVD film? 25 minutes was never long enough on a given week anyway. Your antics need a full hour and a half…Perhaps a movie about a world tour (well, maybe a lower Manhattan tour is all Murray (present) can handle).

  18. Lizard

    DAMN! I love this show. It’s one of the only things I watch on TV. Maybe I’m a little too attached, but I’m really kind of depressed it’s not coming back. Thanks though for all the laughs……..Please don’t leave!

  19. Dave (different dave)

    Ah man. C’mon!!! the show is so good. The earth needs this show. Save the earth and keep on keep’n on. Else, nothing left to do but go have kebab and cry in my beer.

  20. Arman J.

    No!!!!! you guys were the best! everyone was just starting to get addicted!!

  21. Steve

    My neighbors first introduced me to your music and your show a few days ago, and I think you two are brilliant! You guys have mad talent to be able to create such an eclectic array of music, and tell a funny story in each song. It’s a shame that the show will not continue on for a third season, but I can understand you not wanting to make another entire season when you feel it concluded satisfyingly. Looking forward to future projects!

  22. Rebecca

    Pretty please come back and do a 3rd season, or I will cry. Dont make your fans Cry!

  23. Andrew

    Gah, i hate you.

  24. Wise. I hope your future projects are as good. :)

  25. [...] to start every meeting with roll call. I loved Flight of the Conchords it was a sad day when they announced it would not return for a third season. My favourite character is obvious by this point but Band [...]

  26. Jon

    Hey Bret and Jemaine, your show is good.
    Just a compliment.

    I respect your decision but would love to see a Season 3 or even a Movie.

  27. Kay

    Gutted! FOTC is amazing, I offered everyone I know their first taste and now they’re all hooked. They’re all smoking now too – perhaps the complimentary cigarette with each episode was not a good idea??

    Oh well – at least an FOTC movie or something, tour tickets are like gold dust and I need something to wean me off.

    Maybe an FOTC rehab clinic?

  28. SheWolf

    …you can’t stop… going nuts over here..

  29. Dave

    Well, I guess we might as well cancel HBO now cause the only reason we subscribed was to watch Flight of the Conchord. Sorry the show didn’t do it for you because we loved it!

  30. TomBoyd

    Please keep the juices flowing! This show is better than iced tea. If I were rich I’d pay you to force a third season but sadly I’m not. I spent all my dough on shirts at Urban Outfitters in an attempt to be cool like Brett. Damn.

  31. JohnnyLos

    Dear Guys,

    Thanks for not making anymore shows. There are to many shows and series on now that people feel a need to watch so this will free up sometime.

    Your Best Friend Ever,


  32. ed


  33. charlie1der

    OK, no season 3 (for now). Take a year or two to rest and your loyal fans will be ready for you when you decide to return to TV. This isn´t goodbye. It´s see ya later. (Gotta stay hopeful)

  34. cothman

    I am so sad that there will not be a season 3. I have been waiting….. for it to start up again. This was one of the best shows out there. One that would make me laugh out loud. I am sad, I hope you guys change your mind and come on back and give us some more! Cheers!

  35. Meg

    i love you guys!! you make me proud to be a kiwi! its sad that you are not making a 3rd season but a new cd would be cool ;)
    i would love to see you in concert!

    from your biggest fan :)

  36. Lenka

    Oh come on! Make another season! I LOVE YOU!

  37. Kellymichelly


    I am a teacher of American elementary school children and have had a particularly bad year this year…but when I get in my car and drive home with one of your CDs cranked up, I honest to goodness feel so much better! Laughter IS the best medicine!

    I have both seasons on DVD, and I own the movie ‘Eagle vs. Shark’ too. Couple the characters of FOTC Jemaine (a.k.a the ogre in the library) and Jarrod Lough from EvS (Foolish Sucka!) with Ronald Chevelier from Gentlemen Broncos,(kind of a douche bag) and you have one of the most versitile actors I have ever seen! Can’t wait to see Jemaine in ‘Predicament’, and hear him in ‘Despicable Me’. If Big J appears in “Dinner for Schmucks”..I’ll check that one out too. I am truely part of the fan base! If the FOTC does another season, I will be over the moon–even if you don’t don pantaloons!

    Oh yeah…We love you too Brit…I mean Bret! You both are simply adorable and have really cheered me up this year! Merci–Danke’–Thank you! (Do you ever read these?)

  38. Noelle

    We cancelled HBO because you were our only reason for it. :(
    (Oh, the sad face is for you, not HBO..)

  39. Two seasons is too short…when you’re starting to really get “into it”…it ends.
    Portugal would love a new season!

  40. Kelly Knobf

    Please come to Salem or Portland Oregon!! I love you guys!! I want to see you in concert, that would be so awesome!!

  41. Kelly Knobf

    P.S. Sorry Meg, but I”M their biggest fan! :)

  42. Pedro

    I’m not crying because you won’t make a 3rd season, I’ve just been cutting onions, I’m making a lasagna!!!

  43. Amanda

    I totally wish there were more seasons. I watch my dvds over and over again! :( Just come to Chicago and Ill forgive you than!

  44. A

    There is a huge underground network for you guys here I cannot see why a third season would be out of reach….they just need the support of the fans!

  45. Daniel

    Loved the show! Now for those of us (probably the majority) that don’t go to concerts when will we ever see you again???? This really sucks, I was looking forward to season 3, 4, 5…

  46. Tammy

    I was so upset to learn that Flight of the Conchords would not be returning for a third season. The show was excellent and one of the only reasons I watched HBO. I will miss it terribly. Please come back to the U.S. for another tour!! I wasn’t able to get tickets when you came to Washington, DC. Love you guys!

  47. erika loana

    i´m very fan!!!!!! i love it….This is one of the most brilliant comedy shows I have ever seen. i´m depress for the anouncemt and i really hope they will be again.

  48. Glloyd

    My buddy and i sang tears of a rapper at a bullying assembly that we had at our school.

    We live to spread your name :)

    I <3 you guys

  49. Glloyd



    like Ottawa perhaps??

  50. maybe a tour to Toronto or Montreal? :)

    maybe a third season?… eventually? or special 100 part series? :D

    please dont leave us hanging high and dry!

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