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December 10th

Bret, Jemaine and James (co-creator/director) said “we’ve noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it, so in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won’t be returning for a 3rd season. We’re very proud of the two seasons we made and we like the way the show ended. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the show and also everyone who watched it. While the characters Bret and Jemaine will no longer be around, the real Bret and Jemaine will continue to exist.

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356 Responses to “December 10th”

  1. Joshie Boy

    All of your content is Soo kick ass, I hope Bret Jemaine keep dooin thier Thing :)

  2. Norbert

    Take a break, a year or two, but please, come back!!!

  3. Michael Clarke

    Sydney, Australia Show? Can you make it happen? No seasons 3 = no fun.

    • Rayne

      They might come to Australia if Australians weren’t cocky a-holes descended from criminals and retarded monkeys!!!

      (Just kidding. You’ve seen that episode, I’d imagine.)

  4. Dammit!! I kept asking my wife, when is Flight of the Conchords coming back?? She kept saying “I dont’ know” … so today I finally come to this site to find out and it’s been cancelled!!!??? Well no wonder it was taking so long! I’m so disappointed! I watch like 2 shows on tv a week, because most of them suck, but this one didn’t! This was one of the few shows I actually watched and loved!! Please bring this back!!!

  5. Maria

    Noooooo…. U guys are the best, you have to do Season 3. We all want more Flight of the Concords!!

  6. lucas anderson

    a 3rd season of the conchords would be awesome! i hate HBO but would get it if the conchords came back! Any chance for another missouri, usa show?

  7. Kate

    Thanks for seasons 1&2. Love your songs. Hope you continue to tour the U.S. – come east!

  8. Alex

    You guys are the best comediens ever I am from England but I moved over to new Zealand and where ever I go I here you names you are the man

  9. Mike Jones

    Finally got around to watching this and found it hilarious. Non stop laughs. Please make a 3rd season!!!

  10. Brandon

    It’s sad to hear that the show is no more, but I’m glad that the two you will continue to exist.

  11. [...] of the Conchords — Bret e Jemain hanno annunciato lo scorso dicembre che non ci sarà una terza stagione della [...]

  12. Jennifer

    I loved the show and all of your songs! Wish you were doing a season 3 but at least keep singing!

  13. Florencia

    Hi, I’m from Chile, and I LOVE your show, you really cheered me up! all your songs were hillarious, you should make a CD or something like that…
    I really hope you get inspired again!
    Lots of love from far away…

  14. graham


  15. Stefany

    My heart just broke. It’s like my divorce all over again. :’C

  16. Agree with Michael Clarke, come in Sydney, would be so awesome!

  17. Yoni

    Ya, i’m gonna have to go ahead and demand that you return for another season. What am I supposed to do, start watching True Blood? Get real.

  18. Lisa

    So sad to hear this! Come to Kansas City!!!

  19. Jennygirl

    I do hope you guys come back. You’ve made me laugh so hard I cry. Love your creativity as well. It astounds me. Please come back!

  20. Kayah

    :( Pitty, but it’s a good decision. It’s not the best idea to stay in one “drawer” for too long. Thank you, guys, for the two seasons. Looking forward to see you in other projects (hopefully). Unless you’ve been just fired or become too expensive for HBO, then… hm… I could go to New Zealand for a gig, couldn’t I?… Just let people know in advance, I bet I need visa or something. A loan, for sure. :)

  21. Vinni DeFinga

    NO! Wait..Come BACK! Well you;ll both be greatly missed, and even Murry. Hay, what will your groupie do with out you?

  22. nyc mom

    You guys are killing me. I just found out the news last night, and am really sad that my favorite show and one of the only shows I watch (literally) will not be back. Thanks for the belly laughs. Love, Ruth

  23. Tiffany

    Was there a girl in the park? Love at first sight? The one that smokes, the way she looks at the light, the one with the wonky eye..hmmm Is she the mermaid that sits on the rock at oriental pde an smokes sea weed? I have lots of questions for you Jermaine lol lmao what a head fxxx you two are. Tell me I’m just dreaming, that I’m like every delusional fan out there that thinks they are in love. The next mel. I just found out about the marriage an now a beautiful daughter Vita, Oh god help me. Anyway just thought i’d finally ask. Because I have been putting this off for years! Was it you!? I’m delerious!!! I said a week but you thought a year. I have had no sleep, I feel like a twat feeling compelled to ask you if you had love at first sight with someone you don’t know in a park in 2008 an you saw her again in 2009 an her name is Tiffany. I feel really strongly that I have to see you again even if it’s light years away or that I just will see you again. I need to know for sure if you are, were the man that I saw!? I’ve been searching for him ever since :( , the man of my dreams. I have to see him again even if it’s only from a distance at a gig or something random like seeing him again. I can’t compete an will not fight or steal someones love away. If it is true, Love will be given freely. I’m not mel, people know me as Tiff you can call me the Tiffstar lol no not really.
    Um sunshin is calling me outdoors. I want to leave you with a giift someone gave to me once.

    Playing the fool..

    Theirs something fine in the way she moves..
    It makes me think of clear night skies..
    I just want to kiss those eyes..
    I just want to kiss those eyes..

    We stumbled to a star filled room, the sun came up to soon…
    I just want to kiss your lips, I just want to taste your kiss..
    I just want to touch your heart.
    Touch your heart..

    I’ve never read words that make me smile, like hers do.. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t mind when I play the fool..

    we shared a kiss an a J outside, The sky was open
    I followed suit an swallowed my pride.. The control was broken

    I just want to kiss those eyes..
    Kiss those eyes..
    I’m just gonna kiss you now.

    Something like that, All the lyrics are messed up in my head now. It was about 5 years ago in the uk my ex played it an sung for me. The melody was beautiful, lost forever.


    I used to be afraid..used to be afraid… That I would never met somebody like you..
    I’m just gonna kiss you now.. kiss you now!

  24. Chantel Rich

    You guys should do a local tour, truck on down to Ashvegas, or Christchurch at least, pretty please :) . Good luck to the both of you, what you’ve created is absolutely amazing, ingenious, and of coarse hilarious, and I expect more of it in the future though perhaps something completely different.

  25. roman tuhimata

    honest you guys are the best ! im from nz and you are by far the best thing thats come out of our small country . please make another one guys , but if not algood , you guys are still the best !

  26. Dustin Nystel

    This is another blow like the Chappelle show ending after only a few seasons. Dave was afraid he couldn’t keep up the hilarity, I can imagine the boys are feeling the same. It has to be incredibly difficult to not only write a successful comedy, but also to continuously write great music at the same time.
    I’ll still be here if a third season airs.

  27. fan

    new season please?

  28. cody

    hey i loved your show and your music as well. sucks to see your show gone….but i guess nothin last’s forever….but anyway good luck in the future and as always….keep on rockin!

  29. saul P

    I agree that the show ended well, but in the future will you please PLEASE consider doing a movie?
    FotC is the best comedy to come along in years….don’t make me get all Mel on you about this and stalk your asses!!

  30. I totally understand. I think 2 seasons was perfect. I’d like you both to move on and create something equally as funny. Perhaps a bunch of skits playing totally different characters or a series about 2 sinister guys living in a basement in Tehran.

  31. Adam

    It’s always good to end on a high note. I’ll always wish for a season 2, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  32. Grant

    Love the show….how about a Season 3 where Bret and Jemaine leave New York and go to London? You could easily fill a whole season making fun of Brits!

  33. Phillip

    Bittersweet but understand. You will now fall into line with my other favorite shows, all with two year runs: The Young Ones, Extras and Sports Night. Thanks for all the fun …

  34. nico

    sooo sad there’s no series 3 but its better to go when people ask why rather than asking when.

  35. I love the show and understand that you cant come back, but…a movie would be amazing ; )

  36. Amber

    I’m so bummed because my husband and I just had an opportunity to watch your show. That is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time. Is it bizzare that we’d love to hang and have a beer with you guys? Hope to hear more of you! Cheers!

  37. The saddestt person on earth :(

    WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY? This is NOT cool. The show NEEDS to come back. Without this show I have nothing, what will ever keep me going? I’ll have to jump out in front of a bus and dieeeeeee. :(

  38. khalid

    plsssssssssssssssssss do season 3
    I keep watching season 1 and 2 over and over again its amazing

    nothing ever made me laugh like this .

  39. adriana

    i can’t live without a 3rd season!!!
    please come back!!!
    please come in italyyy!!!! i need to see you guys live!!!!!

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